Andy Pettitte ’98 Season Reverse Silver & Bronze Collectible Coin



In celebration of the 1998 MLB Season a number of commemorative coins were created. The coin shown here is from a limited edition release featuring New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte and was minted in Fine Bronze.

The front of this coin is specially accented with Pure Silver paint, which makes Pettitte’s bust on the coin stand out. The back side of the coin is presented in its original Fine Bronze. The coin comes with a beautiful Cherry Wood display and storage case.

This is an exclusive application of accenting that is unavailable anywhere else, and is proud to offer this coin from the sold out limited edition set.

Due to the limited nature of this offer we must charge your credit card for the full price immediately upon taking your order. This policy ensures we reserve the coin for you. We will confirm your order by Email. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.